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Personalised Care for Your Health

Unrivaled Personal Care for
Your Optimal Health

At Cleveland Chiropractic, your health is our passion. We deliver a unique, holistic approach, focusing primarily on chiropractic care to ensure the well-being of your spinal and nervous system. Our university-trained professionals combine age-old wisdom with modern techniques, offering you a key to unlock your body’s inherent healing capabilities.

Understanding that true wellness goes beyond simple symptom relief, we integrate chiropractic care with remedial massage therapies. This comprehensive approach not only targets your specific discomforts but also promotes overall health, helping you achieve a balanced and pain-free life.

Your Path to Ongoing Wellness

Tailored Solutions for Every Condition

Our care plans are meticulously crafted to address your individual needs, offering relief and restoration for a range of conditions from lower back pain to TMJ dysfunction. By focusing on targeted adjustments, gentle methods, and holistic treatments, we aim to bring balance, mobility, and comfort back into your life.

Lower Back Pain

Tailored adjustments to provide relief for lower back pain, strengthening core muscles for lasting comfort.

Neck Pain

Gentle and effective methods for relieving neck pain, enhancing cervical spine health & improving flexibility.


Holistic headache treatments targeting underlying spinal & muscular factors for comprehensive relief.


Benefit from our comprehensive migraine management strategies, designed to reduce both frequency & intensity.

Shoulder Pain

Receive expert care for shoulder pain, with a focus on restoring mobility & alleviating inflammation.

Elbow Pain

Tailored therapies to help in managing elbow pain, fostering healing & improved joint function.

Wrist Pain

Effective treatments options for wrist pain to improve joint stability, comfort & to eliminate joint pain.

Hip Pain

Customised treatment plans designed to alleviate hip pain, enhance joint health & to increase overall mobility

Knee Pain

Focused treatments for knee pain combining chiropractic techniques with rehabilitation for improved joint health.

Ankle / Foot Pain

Effective solutions for ankle & foot pain aimed at enhancing balance & joint mobility as well as improving flexibility.

TMJ (Jaw) dysfunction

Targeted treatments for TMJ dysfunction focusing on reducing jaw pain & restoring functionality.

Educating for Long-Term Health

Empowering Your Health Journey

At Cleveland Chiropractic, our goal is to go beyond temporary solutions. Our chiropractic care & remedial massage is designed to empower you with effective self-management techniques, fostering your journey towards lasting wellness and mobility. Each treatment plan is a crucial step forward in your lifelong health journey.

Complete Your Journey Towards a Healthier Life

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