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Remedial Massage

Experience the time-honored benefits of massage therapy at Cleveland Chiropractic. Our skilled therapists use remedial massage techniques, including soft tissue massage, myofascial release, and stretching, to effectively alleviate muscle tension and enhance your overall well-being.

Remedial Massage Therapy at our clinic is more than relaxation; it’s a versatile approach to treating various conditions, including sports-related injuries. Working in synergy with our chiropractors, our massage therapists ensure optimal health outcomes.

Relief for Every Muscle

Tailored Remedial Massage Treatments

Back Pain

Tailored massage for back pain relief, enhancing spinal alignment & muscle relaxation.

Neck Pain

Targeted neck massage therapies to reduce discomfort & improve neck mobility.


Focused massage techniques specifically for headache relief, addressing tension areas.


Customised migraine massage strategies aimed at reducing frequency and severity.

Upper Limb Injuries

Therapeutic massage for upper limb recovery, aiding in pain reduction and mobility.

Lower Limb Injuries

Effective lower limb massage treatments to enhance healing and function.

Muscle Strains

Massage approaches for muscle strains, promoting healing and muscle flexibility.

Postural Imbalances

Remedial massage for postural imbalances, reducing discomfort and enhancing alignment.

Educating for Long-Term Health

Empowering You Beyond
Your Treatment

Experience holistic care through our remedial massage therapies at Cleveland Chiropractic. Our skilled therapists, in collaboration with chiropractors, focus on treatments that not only offer immediate relief but also contribute to your long-term muscle health and overall well-being.

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